Bridal Hair Styles

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Two most important decisions, one cannot bear unsuitability, during the wedding are wedding dress and hairstyle. Always remember that right hairstyle can only accentuate your wedding dress and consequently your looks.

Start the preparations in advance, like you should have a list of hairstyles before you zero in on one hairstyle. Don’t wait till last day and keep thinking about which hairstyle you would go for. For this you have number of sources available like bridal magazines, hair stylists and of course on internet you can search. Be planned and prepared. But whatever you select should suit you because you can’t experiment on the wedding day.

It is always better to take the advice of hairstylist since your wedding pictures will be for life time. If you can afford it then select one hairstyle that suits you and practice it number of time to get the perfection on the wedding day.

Soft Spiral curls could be one option but consult your hair stylist as he would tell you the style depending on your face and hair length and structure.

For long face high updos are suitable or one can go for sleek long styles. If your face is long then, you should choose a hairstyle that gives wider look to your face. For soft look, leave some wisps around the face.

Consider if the hairstyle you have chosen goes well with your dress. What is the style of the dress? If the wedding is traditional and you are keeping veil then your hairstyle should robust enough to bear the weight of the veil. You can use flower, decorative beads or jewels to decorate your hair.

Some of the latest hairstyles you can think of :
+   Roller setting
+   Ironing
+   Crimping
+   Ringlets
+   Braids

In perms
+   Spiral Perm
+   Pony Perm
+   Dreadlock Perm
+   Hair Jetting
+   Pig Peg Perm
+   Soft Wave
+   Crimp Perm
+   Zig Zag Perm

But whatever you choose make sure it suits your dress, make up and face. If you have small face don’t select something heavy or huge style and if your face is big then select some pumped style.

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November 2nd, 2009 at 1:47 pm

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