The beauty and cosmetic industry in India has witnessed a boom over the last few years with the entry of many foreign brands into the Indian beauty and cosmetic market. Despite this sudden boom, experts predict that the Indian cosmetic and beauty industry has great potential for growth.

Naturally this means that all sectors of the beauty and cosmetic industry which includes the hair care industry in India are over-due for expansion.

Hair cuts and hair products have only recently been recognized as an important part of the grooming process. The Indian public now realizes that hairstyles are essential to complete any look and hence modern men and women in India now do take the time and effort to sport the latest hair styles.

However, fashion trends alone cannot dictate which hairstyles people should sport. When choosing a hairstyle, it is important to consider the individual’s hair quality, texture, thickness and natural style as well as the shape of the individual’s face.

It is also important to select a hairstyle that accentuates the individual’s best features and compliments his or her personality while fitting into his or her lifestyle. For instance, a very busy business executive needs a hairstyle that is clean and elegant, but the look must be possible to achieve without much fuss.

All of these factors may make choosing the right hairstyle seem like a difficult decision to make but most people finds that it is a worthwhile subject to fuss over because the perfect hairstyle can do wonders for your appearance as well as boost your confidence levels tremendously.

For men, one of the main problems is how to cope with natural hair loss. Fortunately there are many ways to remedy the situation in modern times. There are techniques like hair grafting and weaving that can help men retain their full heads of hair. In addition there are also many herbal and chemical tonics and lotions that prevent or slow down hair loss. As far as hair styles are concerned, men now have a host of choices. Modern men may wear their hair at different lengths from the very closely shaved crew cut hairstyle to very long hair lengths. Modern Indian men also use hair color and highlights to achieve different hairstyles and alter their looks.

Women also have many different hair styles to choose from these days. Many women choose to sport extremely short hair whereas others prefer long hair that they can create hair updos with. Very long layered haircuts are very fashionable and hairstylists enjoy using hair color and highlighting techniques to accentuate the layers. Usually a woman will take her inspiration for a new hair style from the look of a favorite celebrity. However, it is neither practical nor advisable to replicate the exact look of one’s favorite celebrity as he or she may have a different face shape, personality or natural hair texture from yours.

But modern hairstylists do not just offer a wide range of haircuts for adults alone. Even fashion conscious children and teens now have the option to choose their favorite look.

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