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Wedding Hair Accessories

October 16th, 2009

Marriage is a very important occasion for the bride and her family. The bride is always the focus of attention for everyone on her wedding day. People appraise her from top to toe on this day. Her dress, makeup, jewelry, foot wear – and last but not the least her hair style and hair decorations are all in the lime light on this special day. The brides wedding accessories make her stand out in the crowd. One big part of these accessories is formed by her hair decorations.

There are varied wedding hair accessories that a bride can choose from. However this will depend completely on her personal looks, length of hair, choice of hair style and colour and style of wedding costume. Most elegant bridal hair accessories comprises of combs, tiara, hairpins, veils, hair clips of precious metals studded with beads, precious and semi precious stones.

Hair is a very important aspect of a woman’s beauty. Hair is also the crowning glory of any bride. Hair when done well and decorated with exotic hair accessories lends an enchanting effect to the brides being. Hair sticks and hair barrettes with tiaras in precious metals like gold or sterling silver with precious stones embellishments makes every bride the queen of ceremony.

The culture of the girls country and community, and the type of ceremony also goes a long way in deciding the hair accessories for the radiant bride. For example an Indian bride’s choice of hair embellishment would be completely different from an English bride who wears a gown and veil on her wedding day. An Indian bride will either wear a bun or a plat with her ghaghara, sari or salwar kaameez while an English bride can leave her hair open or go for a hair do.

Hair accessories also help in proper management of bridal hair. Hair sticks, hair pins, barrettes, hair combs etc can all be carefully chosen by different brides to suit the occasion, appearance, dress and culture. Wedding hair ornaments are particularly designed in curved and twisted patterns and painted or dyed with exquisite designs. Hair sticks for brides come in huge variety. They are handcrafted and have wonderful combinations like crystal, ivory, hand carved bones, precious metals like silver and gold. Hair sticks which are adorned with rhinestone are also available in several designs for brides.

Hair clips are a very important ingredient of hair accessories for brides on their wedding day. These are done in high quality craftsmanship for wedding wear. A rhinestone hair comb enhances the attraction of bridal wear hundredfold.

Bridal hair jewelry is crafted and designed by artisans of different cultures and are made of various precious metals like gold, silver, solid brass and studded with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, or crystals and rhinestones in square shapes and light colours. Combs for brides are also made of best materials like crystal, sterling silver or solid gold. Bridal hair decorations are usually embellished from both sides and look breathtakingly beautiful.

Kids Hair Accessories

October 15th, 2009

There is a complete parallel industry for kid’s hair accessories in most countries of the world. This is because the needs of children differ greatly from adults. Children can also be more fussy and stubborn than the latter. Moreover modern children have strong likes and dislikes and are fairly well informed and knowledgeable due to the exposure they have through the media. Better spending capacity and the exposure to global brands have made kids conscious and finicky about what they wear and very particular about hair fashion and the kind of accessories to be worn in hair.

A three year old would want her hair accessories to match her dress while a slightly older child would demand lots of variety as hair decorations for different occasions as per the latest fashion. The world of children is different in terms of fashion needs and desires. Hair accessories for children come in huge variety and range. The choice hair accessories makes every child special.

Little girls like to possess matching hair accessories for all their outfits irrespective of the hair style – which is either short, long, curly or straight. There is a hair accessory for all type of hair in the children’s world. Small little barrettes, sometimes studded with stones look great on short hair. These are very sought after due to the breathtaking range of variety in terms of colour, shape and sizes in which they are available.

Hair band is the most common hair accessory for kids. A hair band is required to fasten children’s hair and keep them from getting into the eyes. Elastic hair bands called pony tail holders in numerous colours and decorations are available in the market to delight children and give them a neat and tidy appearance.

Another favorite hair accessory for children is the ubiquitous hair clip. It works like at barrette but is easier to wear. They are highly decorative and also fit at the bottom. These are also made in many designs, colours and embellished with kiddy motifs. They are also child friendly because they are not expensive and very easy to use. Metal hair clips look efficient and smart, wooden ones bio friendly and the embellished and jeweled ones elegant and beautiful.

Cloth, plastic and leather hair bands which can be easily slipped on the head are very practical and can be decorated in million ways for children. Flower designed combs and elegant hair clamps are also loved by kids and mothers because they can be clipped beneath the combs. Clips which are designed with claws hold the hair between their teeth. They are made in plastic sand metals and come in many colours, shapes and sizes.

Floral hair sticks and simple straight hair pins give the children an adult like aura. Special tiaras, veils and head scarf’s are designed and sold for children for special occasions like weddings. Multifunctional headgears are also popular with children and their care takers. So we see that the world of children’s hair accessories is much bigger than their littleness.

Hair Ornaments

October 14th, 2009

Hair ornaments are accessories which decorate, embellish and adorn human hair. Decorative hair ornaments are usually attached to an elastic band or optic fibers to facilitate the fastening of the ornament to your hair.

Some traditional and contemporary hair ornaments in popular use are ribbon, headband, crunchy, hair band, hair clip, hair pin, barrette, hair claw, hair comb, hair fork, pony tail holder. The hair ornament industry is huge and varied. Hair ornament manufacturers are busy designing and manufacturing the above hair ornaments in different patterns and designs.

Many varied materials are employed in manufacturing hair ornaments all over the world. Continuous creativity and improvisation according to changing tastes, fashion and demand is made by this industry in different countries to suit the cultural bent of each place.

Hair ornaments are worn by men and women of all ages ranging from infancy to the very old. However women are major consumers of hair ornaments and the hair ornament industry is primarily employed in making hair ornaments exclusively for the female gender.

Almost all fabrics like, leather, wool, silk, organza, satin , cotton, terry cotton, velvet and lace are used to make head ornaments like hair ribbons, hair bands, crunchies, pony tail fasteners, head scarf etc. Metals and plastics in different forms are used for make hair pins, hair clips and hair combs etc. Wood, bone and ivory are also all time favorite with head ornament manufacturers all over the globe.

There is a parallel hair ornament industry for the rich and classy who can afford expensive head decorations. Hair ornaments are decorated and studded with precious jewels for high end and rich socialites. Swarovski crystals and semi precious stones on hair ornaments are adored by rich and fashionable women in modern times.

Their hair pins, hair combs and hair clips, and hair bands are made of gold and silver. Feathers and beads hair accessories are also used in traditional hair ornaments for women.

Hair Combs

October 14th, 2009

Hair combs are as old as mankind. It is possible that hair combs were first invented by man as weapons against parasites, and then improvised to double up as a cosmetic implement. Hair combs are the oldest tools known to humans for grooming purposes.

Hair combs are absolutely essential hair maintenance tools. Combing your hair is an important way to maintain the health and shine of your hair. There are different types of combs available in the market. Choosing the right comb in accordance with the type and texture of hair you have is highly desirable. There are different hair combs for different purposes and it is advisable to posses one of all types for this reason.

Hair combs come in various sizes ranging from big to the small. The smallest are those which can be fitted in pocket. There are different combs for boys and girls – men and women. Some hair combs are designed to be gentle on your hair while some are made with wide teeth to disentangle wet and tangled hair. Some come with fine teeth with barely any gap to ensure total smoothness and flow of silky hair.

Hair combs are also made with half of its teeth wide and thick and other half fine and close together. Some hair combs have fine tails to facilitate the parting of your hair while other are made to be perfect for back combing and hairdo designing purposes. Hair combs are a ‘must have’ on the grooming table of every woman and are frequently carried in the purses of girls and pockets of boys.

Hair combs are made of different materials like plastic, wood, bone, steel, aluminum, ivory and many other materials. High end hair combs can be designed and bejeweled for rich women as important grooming tools. Hair stylists use different hair combs to create designer dos and other hair products.

The traditional hair comb comes in the form of a little sprout deluxe cradle cap comb. This features a soft and flexible design which makes it slightly superior to the hard variety. However the original sprout textured hair combs are excellent for coarse hair. Pocket combs are about five inches long or less for smaller boys and girls. The standard size for hair combs is 6 inches. These fit into a purse with immense ease. Wooden hair combs with large sturdy teeth are best for women as they do not create static electricity and minimizes incidences of hair breakages.

A variety of hair combs are now sold as a single kit for women who care for their hair and are aware. These come in a variety of material to suit different needs and pockets.

Hair Clips Bows and Sticks

October 13th, 2009

Hair clips, bows and hair sticks form an integral part of decorative accessories for female hair since times immemorial. The popularity of these hair decorations is the same for girls and women all over the globe.

Hair clips are an all time favorites of infants, little girls and their mothers for reasons of convenience and beauty appeal. Hair clips are made in different designs, shapes and sizes to hold the hair of females of all ages. Men who grow their hair also opt for hair pins in simple designs and textures. Hair clips can be made from various materials like metal, wire, bone, wood, plastic, rubber.

Hair Manufacturers paint and decorate hair clips with varied material in many different ways. Some mothers make their own hair clips at home for their little ones. Fashionable girls and women are also very fond of decorating this hair accessory themselves or get them custom made according to need and choice. The size of hair pins can vary as per the volume and length of the wearer’s hair. Patterns and decorations can vary as per occasion, choice and need.

It is said that “all cute girls wear bows”. Hair bows, boutique hair bows, headbands are a ubiquitous presence in the world of women. Babies, toddlers, teenagers or young ladies all can wear bows. These are available in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes all over the world. Hair bows can be decorated in numerous ways with varied material to style, decorate, and manage fe-male hair.

Men who wear long hair can also make intelligent and aesthetic use of this hair accessory. Victorian England was full of men who used hair bows to fasten their hair. Fabrics of different textures, colours and quality are popularly used to make hair bows. Materials are shaped, stitched, decorated and attached to elastic to make beautiful bows. Satin ribbons are also a very common medium to make bows. Baby hair bows are usually very soft and small girls go for delicate and cute hair bows in lovely shades to match their dresses.

Hair sticks for holding, winding and managing hair is as old as the birth of the female species. They evolved in terms of designs and materials with the evolution of mankind. Hair sticks vary from simple to gorgeous, plain to exotic, very cheap to very expensive.

They can take the avatar of simple plastic, natural bone or wooden props for hair to suit plain working girls and women – or manifest as diamond jewels, ivory sticks or crystal swarovski sticks for high end society females. There are hair sticks of all prices for different occasions.

There is a huge industry of hair accessories like clips, bows and sticks in all the countries of the world today.

Hair Accessories For Girls

October 12th, 2009

Girlhood is an enchanting phase between childhood and womanhood. Girls are by far the most passionately conscious and fond of fashion accessories. Both small and big girls love to compliment their hair styles with attractive and trendy hair decorations. Hair accessories for girls are widely available in different shapes, styles and sizes for hair management and enhancement.

It is advisable that girls consider following things before making a choice of hair accessories for themselves. Go for comfort by choosing accessories which are gentle on your hair and suits your style. Avoid accessories which are rough and tight for your hair and pulls your tresses.

Choose hair accessories which match the colour of your dress, purse and footwear.

Always pick accessories which compliment your hair style and suit your looks.

For formal party wear choose exotic hair accessories like jewelled clips, feathers and beads.

Choose your hair accessories according to the occasion.

Wear western type hair accessories with western outfits and eastern type with eastern outfits. However there are some neutral hair accessories like hair pins, crunchies, hair clips, pony tail holders which go well with all dresses.

Learn to use hair accessories properly and take care of them.

Hair accessories differ for each season. For example head bands are ideal to hold the hair away from the neck and face in summer heat. Hair bands are also handy during summers.

Even colour choice for hair accessories changes with the weather. Dark colours in winter and soft light colour in summer

Be trendy, chic and fashionable and enjoy dressing your hair with the latest hair accessories.

Hair pins, hair clips, hair combs, hair bands, head scarfs, pony tail holders, crunchies are all suitable for girly hair. Hair accessory designers and manufacturers have to update themselves on world fashion trends continuously, and also create and innovate to keep pace with the voracious and capricious tastes of girls. A huge variety and range of girly hair accessories in different materials, shapes and colours are available all over the world.

Flower hair accessories

October 11th, 2009

Fresh flower were and are worn in the hair by women and girls at the time of worshipping, marrying and many other occasions. These are now improvised in multiple designs and patterns in the form of hair decoration accessories for permanence.

Flowers are an all time favorite of female species all over the world. Women are adorning themselves with flowers in various ways from the time they were born. Girls and women print, decorate and embroider their garbs with floral patterns, wear jewellery made of flowers or with flower motifs and patterns and put flowers in their hair. It is no wonder that flower hair accessories extremely are popular with women and girls everywhere.

Rich girls and poor girls, big girls and small girls, mothers and housewives, domestics and professionals all love to adorn their hair with floral accessories. Mothers lovingly put floral hair accessories on their dear infants and little ones. This penchant for floral designs and patterns has created an exclusive range of flower hair accessories in the hair accessory industry. Floral hair pins, hair bands with floral prints, silk, velvet and satin flower accessories like clips, barrettes, pins and bands go very well with female outfits and are manufactured all over.

For the upper classes there are hair clips and pins studded with precious stones, diamonds and Swarovski in floral patterns. Many traditional hair accessories from all cultures also wear the stamp of humanities love for flowers. Dressy tresses are decorated with flowery pony holders, hair claws, hair combs, hair sticks, hair circlets and many other hair adorning accessories in India and all over the world in accordance with the culture, class and social leanings of persons.

Some mothers make floral hair accessories at home to decorate the hair of their children. Floral hair accessories are made from a variety of material and in many forms to delight the hearts of women everywhere.

Hair Accessories

October 2nd, 2009

The average Indian consumer has only recently become aware of many beauty and cosmetic products and treatments. In that sense the beauty and cosmetic industry in India is still at the budding stage. Consequently many Indian women still prefer to stick to conventional or traditional hair styles like long, dark hair which is usually uniformly cut. This only means there is great scope for expansion in the beauty and cosmetic sector in India. One of the things that make both women and men cautious to experiment with new and different products is their lack of knowledge and information.

In the hair-accessory sector, for instance there are many products available for use, but those who remain oblivious to the use of these, would rather stick to the old fashioned rubber band and hair clips. It is unfortunate that despite the manufacture and distribution of a whole variety of hair accessories in the Indian market, many remain unaware of the uses of such products and hence do not experiment with them.

Today hair product manufacturers in India manufacture not just hair accessories for long hair, but also produce wedding hair accessories, baby hair accessories, silk-flower hair accessories¸ bridal hair accessories of all different kinds. It is a pity that many people do not take advantage of this availability and that too at the affordable prices they are sold at in India. In the area of children’s hair accessories however, there is no stagnation as far as sales go. Here people are more interested in experimenting with different styles and trends.

Fortunately the Indian hair accessory manufacturing companies can count on a great demand for wholesale hair accessories from overseas clients to sustain their profits. And the Indian public is gradually gaining awareness about different hair accessories and so will eventually pen up to the use of different hair styling tools.

Some great hair styles can be achieved by using simple hair-styling tools like hair picks, rollers etc once one knows how to use these properly. For instance hair picks, which are traditionally an oriental hair accessory, work best on heavy hair. However, this does not mean that they cannot be used by people with light or thin hair. One could use hair picks to dress up a conventional ponytail or a bun for instance.

Some of the best hair jewelry is manufactured in India as well. These items are already quite popular with the Indian masses however. This includes an array of real gold or silver hair clips, jaw claws, head bands and tiaras which may even be encrusted with precious or semi-precious stones. There are also artificial versions of such items available for the sheer purpose of dressing up one’s look. These products lend one’s attire an air of sophistication and are perfect to sport at formal events.

While choosing hair accessories to buy, be careful to look at the product’s finishing touches. For instance be on the lookout for hair bands with seams that are already opening out, or for secure clasps on jaw claws and ponytail holders.