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October 4th, 2009

With the increased spending power of the Indian consumer and increased viewing of television – and hence advertisements – there has been a great rise in the demand for beauty and cosmetic products and treatments in India. Haircuts, the Indian consumer has realized, are a crucial part of grooming and hence the Indian consumer likes having a wide variety of haircuts to choose from.

Today, the Indian beauty market boasts a vast variety of hair-cuts and hair-care treatments to meet the demands of a much savvier clientele. The most sought-after haircuts are usually celebrity hair cuts and trends that are seen sported by Hollywood or Bollywood actors and actresses.

Although Indian actresses once stuck to traditional long and dark tresses, today, many of them can be seen sporting short hair cuts, medium hair cuts and long or short lengths of layered hair cuts. Still, few Indian actresses would sport very short hair cuts. These hairstyles are popular with youngsters and teenage girls however often because of they are easy to maintain, comply with school regulations and are easier to treat in case of lice-infestation.

Conversely, short hair cuts are no longer favored by Indian men. Of course there are many professionals and executives who prefer to cut their hair short as it creates the appearance of professionalism. On the other hand, many men in creative fields opt for the exact opposite look and choose long layered hair cuts or longish curly hair cuts instead. This is look is especially popular with male fashion designers and artists in India. Salons that offer mens hair cuts in India, now also have a variety of treatments like hair coloring and highlighting as these hairstyles are no longer considered the woman’s domain.

In addition to hairstyles for adults and teenagers, there are also many children’s salons that have been popping up around India. These salons, which specialize in hair-care, haircuts and hair-treatment for children’s hair are also designed and decorated keeping their young clientele in mind. Some of these child-friendly salons have hair-cutting chairs that are shaped like cars or animals while others have fish tanks or television sets to keep their client’s attention while the hairdresser works on his or her hairstyle.

In India children’s hair stylists have to keep school regulations in mind when cutting their client’s hair. Aside from some new International schools, most Indian schools tend to have strict guidelines about the students’ appearances. Girls must tie their hair if their hair is any longer than shoulder-length. This is something that hair stylists must keep in mind while layering girls’ hair as all the layers must always be long enough to tie-up.

The hair dressing salons in India cater to different groups of clientele. Here one can find many fancy and stylish hairstyling salons that provide hair-care-treatments on International quality levels on one hand and on the other there are also small, no-frills, hair-styling salons that one can get a haircut at or even opt to learn how to cut hair at. Many salons employ trainees who get paid while they earn.