Hairstyles For Men

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If compared to women hairstyles, men’s hairstyle are less complicated. Depending on your dressing style, age and personality, choosing a hairstyle is little ground work one has to do before selecting a haircut.

The most popular hair styles for men are Caesar cut, also long hairstyles, Crew cut, shot tousled cut etc.

Now depending on your facial shapes you can go for any of the above hairstyles.

For example :
Crew cut – is short hair cut and looks very hot on any man with oval shape face. But unfortunately men with big ears or odd head shape can’t choose this hair cut as being short style it would highlight your these areas.

Shot tousled cut – this hairs style can be called little messy but it give very strong and hot look to a man. Because it can mold into different variations, that’s why it is becoming more popular among the guys. It is short so doesn’t require too much of attention and with a good gel, you can keep it in place.

Long hairstyles – This hairstyle is not for guys who are little lazy in maintaining the hair but yes if you can give little effort for doing you hair then this is very good option for you. As many celebrities are going for this hairstyle because it looks hot and make you stand out in the crowd. By giving little waviness in the sides and ends, it makes you look more charming and radiating.

Spike cut – is also one of the popular haircuts these days. It is easy to maintain and can be easily adjusted with a gel. Gel can make your life very easy. Collect some good gels and try on your hair. Actually, with the help of gel you can always give slight variations to your hair. And specially, if you have long haircut, gel is the easiest way to keep them in place.

But most of the men today are suffering from hair fall and graying of hair. It becomes very painful to see you hair disappearing slowly. One should take good care of hair and consult some the experts to stop the hair fall. While graying of hair is not big issue until and unless you are ready to color your hair.


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