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Women’s Hair Styles

November 9th, 2009

In today’s modern life, every woman wants to look stylish and confident. A good hairstyle makes you more confident and comfortable at every place. One hairstyle or color doesn’t work for everyone but there can be one look that just suits you and this hairstyle makes you unique.

Women’ hairstyles come with lot of variations and styles pertaining to different age groups. Women are more concern than men about their looks so, choosing a right hairstyle that enhances one’s personality, age and dressing style requires little effort. Hairstyle for younger age groups might not work for the older generations.

Shag is one hair style that not only looks trendy but also can be changed to different quick looks. It is very versatile hair cut because by changing the ends with curls and waves; one can give very beautiful and new look to her hairstyle.

Bob, curls, different lengths haircut are dominant these days.

New and trendy hairstyles are coming every now and then but not every hairstyle is suitable to you. Don’t be in rush and consult your hairstylist for the better suggestion.

In 2009, short haircut is very much in fashion, one can go for bob haircut with little fringe.

Fringe always add different look and makes you more hot and beautiful. If your hair is naturally curly, you can opt for long spiral curls. Blunt bags hairstyles are best suited to you if you have a round or square face shape.

Don’t just blindly follow the celebrities or fashion magazines. Go through them but always select the hair style that goes well with your persona. Sometimes we just imitate the celebrities and end up in choosing wrong hairstyle for ourselves. It’s good to know what is in trend but select for that particular style only after knowing your face as well as head shape and see you in a new fresh look. Perfect hairstyle makes a big difference in your looks and you might discover a new person in you.

Short Hairstyle

November 8th, 2009

To define short hair, we would to take the length as a yardstick. So the length above shoulder falls under short hair cut. People often take short hairstyle as easy going and low maintenance cut but still one has to give lot of effort to choose the right cut and should be able to communicate it correctly to the hair stylist other wise there are chances you might end up spoiling you looks.

Short hairstyles are very much in fashion. So if you are thinking of a short haircut, you need to consider few things before taking a plunge. Whatever short hair cut you select, it should accentuate your face; as facial structure and head plays important role in the kind of hairstyle you can have on. The other important thing about the short hairstyle is maintenance. Although, it is said that short hair does not require much maintenance but still it depends on your style and hair type because the hair grows at varied rate and unevenly. So, one need to get it trimmed regularly.

First of all find the shape of your face like: Long face, round face, oval shape face, heart shape face, rectangular shape face, triangular shape face etc. If you have round face, you simply can’t go with any short hairstyle since you would like your face to look little longer. For this you need short hair in layers. Similarly, if you have long face, one need a hairstyle that distracts the attention of the onlooker from the length. So for this you can’t go for very short but you need chin length bob cut.

If you are going for the short hair cut first time or after a long time, your discomfiture is understandable. But don’t take the decision in haste, take step by step so that you don’t feel odd or hesitate in going to your office or friends party next day. We would suggest you to take baby steps like get the hair cut till from collar bone, till middle neck or till jaw line in consecutive sittings.

Medium Hair Styles

November 7th, 2009

Gone are the days when just by leaving your hair loose, you are ready to attend any party. Today even for small occasions people want to look different and stylish. If you have medium hair length, you are very lucky because you can experiment with your hair and try different looks “of course” depending on your hair structure. Infact, “versatility” is the correct word for medium length hairstyles.

There are lots of hairstyles in medium hair length; one has to just choose the right one.

Some of the medium hairstyles in fashion are: layered, bun, mid- length bob, shag, French twist and razor. Some little twist and color can make you look really hot.

Mid – length bob hair is not a bad idea to go with; while wavy and curly makes you more hot and romantic. If you have straight hair, try layered cut as it gives more volume and texture and moreover layering itself can give other alternatives.. With some face framing hair, you can give soft look to your hair.

The best advantage of having medium length hair is that it suits to anyone with whatever faces shape. But still be careful! Use good shampoos, conditioners and to keep them in good shape. It has been observed that medium hair lengths are more vulnerable to split ends so get them trimmed at regular intervals.

In hair medium length, you can always try fringes to change the look. Use good gel to give styling your hair. Medium hair length is very versatile as you can always alter it in your favorite hairstyle just by give little fringes or with razor edges.

Try different styles during your leisure or boredom. Go through some catalogues or magazines and try the different style with different pi ups or for curls use curlers or use straighter or straightening.

If want a different hairdo, then, go to an expert. Don’t try it at home if you not a hair stylist. Stylists can suggest which hair style to go for: curls, bib, waves etc. And you can also grow the required length for any particular hair style before going for actual cut.

Layered Hairstyles

November 6th, 2009

Hairstyle is one the important traits of human personality. Good hairstyle reveals your inner as well outer beauty. Face, clothes, good manicured nails alone cannot reflect your true personality because hairstyle is the dominant personality factors of any woman. It is the first impression that one gives at first sight.

Layered hairstyles is the most popular and demanded hairdos these days. Layered hairstyle not only gives volume to thin hairs but little modifications can do wonders in making you chic, attractive and classy. These hairstyles can be tried out on any normal hair.

One of the main reasons why most of the women opt for layered hairstyles is because of the variations in this hairstyle like Short layered cuts, medium layered cut, and long layered cuts, Choppy layered. Curly layered, Bohemian layered styles can be given depending on the length of your hair. If you are going for layered cut, talk with your stylist and choose the one which suits your face and personality; over and above it should be easy to maintain like you need not to use many dryers, or products to keep them in shape.

Don’t get carried away with idea of giving new look to yourself. In the excitement, you might end up in selecting wrong style and then repent. Best thing is to do some research on your style, talk to experts, analyze different cuts and then decide what exactly you want.

Some tips to take care of your hair health :

• Eat right diet that nourishes your health.
• Go for routine deep conditioning to keep them smooth
• One can also use conditioner specially leave in conditioners
• Avoid blow drying too often
• Use stylist recommended products
• It is important to either oil your hair before or massage your scalp with good hair oil
• Get them trimmed or try different layer cut from time to time
• Never go for complex style for the first time
• Select simple style

To give some modifications , on can go for highlighting and coloring but it also depends on the health of hair, If they are already damaged then avoid doing this after all these are chemicals and can be very harsh for you hair.

Latest Hair Style Trends

November 5th, 2009

2009 is already in and without a doubt you must be looking for an innovation for your hair. Right hairdo that suits your face should be the target of the new venture. However, the medium length hairstyle is out and either very long or very short styles are in with excessive curls.

Long straight and thick hair, not only reflect your personality but makes you more attractive and glamorous. With long hair, you can try many variations which are in fashion like layers. Anyone who has long, straight hair can easily get layered cut. Straight layers look fabulous on any family occasion, party, club or any friends get together.

The hairstyle in 2009 also brings in curls. Curls look very attractive and make you stand out in the crowd. One can try any curly style depending on the face shape and texture of the hair.

Choppy hairdo also scored high marking in the 2009. It falls under short hairdo category. Be careful while going for choppy look as this can be really adventures as well as wild. Communicate to you hair dresser very accurately about what exactly you want and whether it goes well with your personality and face shape otherwise it can veer off your looks.

Bob hairstyle is the most popular and modern hairstyle which suits people of any age group. It has come in vogue again with modern look. If you want your face to be seen more, it is the most appropriate hairdo. It is not only trendy but also easy to maintain. If you have sharp features and well defined cheek bone then bob cut is the best for you. One can go for inverted bob haircut with curls or symmetrical layers or can try angled bob cut which is very much in trend. The best part of this hairstyle is that it can be easily molded as per your mood and fancy with very low maintenance.

Whatever haircut you choose, it should suit your personality and face shape. Most important thing is to maintain the hairstyle. Use good conditioners and shampoos to keep your hair in good condition.

Hairstyles For Men

November 4th, 2009

If compared to women hairstyles, men’s hairstyle are less complicated. Depending on your dressing style, age and personality, choosing a hairstyle is little ground work one has to do before selecting a haircut.

The most popular hair styles for men are Caesar cut, also long hairstyles, Crew cut, shot tousled cut etc.

Now depending on your facial shapes you can go for any of the above hairstyles.

For example :
Crew cut – is short hair cut and looks very hot on any man with oval shape face. But unfortunately men with big ears or odd head shape can’t choose this hair cut as being short style it would highlight your these areas.

Shot tousled cut – this hairs style can be called little messy but it give very strong and hot look to a man. Because it can mold into different variations, that’s why it is becoming more popular among the guys. It is short so doesn’t require too much of attention and with a good gel, you can keep it in place.

Long hairstyles – This hairstyle is not for guys who are little lazy in maintaining the hair but yes if you can give little effort for doing you hair then this is very good option for you. As many celebrities are going for this hairstyle because it looks hot and make you stand out in the crowd. By giving little waviness in the sides and ends, it makes you look more charming and radiating.

Spike cut – is also one of the popular haircuts these days. It is easy to maintain and can be easily adjusted with a gel. Gel can make your life very easy. Collect some good gels and try on your hair. Actually, with the help of gel you can always give slight variations to your hair. And specially, if you have long haircut, gel is the easiest way to keep them in place.

But most of the men today are suffering from hair fall and graying of hair. It becomes very painful to see you hair disappearing slowly. One should take good care of hair and consult some the experts to stop the hair fall. While graying of hair is not big issue until and unless you are ready to color your hair.

Celebrities Hair Styles

November 3rd, 2009

Celebrities are fashion epitome for an ordinary person. Ordinary people are so inspired by the celebrities that they keep track of what their favorite celebrities are wearing these days. Celebrity hair cut becomes famous very soon. Bollywood celebrities have been always been a source of fashion inspiration.

Beauties like Priyanka Chopra, Sushmita Sen, Shilpa Shetty and Mallika Sherawat are looked as fashion ideals by the Indian youth. Short hair styles have also became very popular since Rani Mukerjee and Preiti Zinta made their hair short in some of the movies. These ladies are symbol of modern women and whatever they hairstyle they do are accepted by the youth.

The current trends are always reflection of our celebrities. Some hairstyles have revived because of some heroines are wearing them like the curls suddenly became very popular is because of kangana Renuat. Long Straight natural tresses hair like most Indian beauties have are Deepika Padukone, Katreena Kaif , Kareena Kapoor similary, Aaamir khan , Shah Rukh khan, Ritik Roshan are trend setters for the young Indian men.

Some of the popular hair style celebrities are Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, and Sharon Stone. Paris Hilton carries off short hairstyle. She has square face shape and this cut helps her look elegant and beautiful. Angelina Jolie has long layer hair style.

Scarlett Johansson has long hairstyle with soft curls that makes her look simple and beautiful. Sharon Stone has short shag hairstyle.

Male celebrities like Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Mario Lopez also have their hairstyle followed by male fans. You can look very hot and trendy in these hair styles as well these can be worn at any party, function or social gatherings.

You can go for your favorite celebrity’s hairstyle but never follow it blindly because it might not suit you. Facial structure and overall personality should match with the hairstyle otherwise you can become laughing stalk also. So just find out the right hairstyle for yourself and then go for it.

Bridal Hair Styles

November 2nd, 2009

Two most important decisions, one cannot bear unsuitability, during the wedding are wedding dress and hairstyle. Always remember that right hairstyle can only accentuate your wedding dress and consequently your looks.

Start the preparations in advance, like you should have a list of hairstyles before you zero in on one hairstyle. Don’t wait till last day and keep thinking about which hairstyle you would go for. For this you have number of sources available like bridal magazines, hair stylists and of course on internet you can search. Be planned and prepared. But whatever you select should suit you because you can’t experiment on the wedding day.

It is always better to take the advice of hairstylist since your wedding pictures will be for life time. If you can afford it then select one hairstyle that suits you and practice it number of time to get the perfection on the wedding day.

Soft Spiral curls could be one option but consult your hair stylist as he would tell you the style depending on your face and hair length and structure.

For long face high updos are suitable or one can go for sleek long styles. If your face is long then, you should choose a hairstyle that gives wider look to your face. For soft look, leave some wisps around the face.

Consider if the hairstyle you have chosen goes well with your dress. What is the style of the dress? If the wedding is traditional and you are keeping veil then your hairstyle should robust enough to bear the weight of the veil. You can use flower, decorative beads or jewels to decorate your hair.

Some of the latest hairstyles you can think of :
+   Roller setting
+   Ironing
+   Crimping
+   Ringlets
+   Braids

In perms
+   Spiral Perm
+   Pony Perm
+   Dreadlock Perm
+   Hair Jetting
+   Pig Peg Perm
+   Soft Wave
+   Crimp Perm
+   Zig Zag Perm

But whatever you choose make sure it suits your dress, make up and face. If you have small face don’t select something heavy or huge style and if your face is big then select some pumped style.

Bob Hairstyles

November 1st, 2009

Anyone who thinks of a new make over; first thing strikes the mind is new hairstyle and that should also be easy to maintain and manage; This is infact major reason why bob haircut have revived and back in fashion.

Apart from this, Bob haircut’s flexibility and durability are the two determinants that make it popular and suitable. Slight modifications can deliver new touch and you are ready for any occasion or party.

Bob haircut suits people of any age group. It can suit to any face shape : especially suitable to long and heart shape as it camouflages the longish ness of the face and gives some broad look.

The hair length in the Bob cut is between chins and shoulder level and that’s why easy to maintain. You don’t need blow dryer; it can dry naturally and there by leaving more time for other activities. This also saves your time from styling and setting usually done to keep them in place. Use little mousse to before going out. This would be more than enough.

If you don’t like tomboyish kind of look but want to go for short hair cut with feminine look, you should try angled bob cut and inverted bob cut . These are very popular these days. These haircuts not only give you feminine effect but also give volume to hair. The side bangs make you look more womanish compared to the nose length short cuts which gives more of tomboy look to your face.

To retain the length of your short hair cut, get them trimmed after month otherwise it will grow unevenly. To give little variation, go for colors and highlighting. This bring out totally new look and attitude of your personality.

Don’t hesitate if you want to go for shout cut and of it suit your face shape because short hair cut have been sported on many actresses. Short cuts are also advisable for the ladies who spend their hours in the kitchen because that helps them to manage short hair as well as make them look modern and trendy.

Layered bob cut is also in vogue if you don’t like very short cut. But always choose the style that accentuates your facial features and personality.

Hair Styles

October 8th, 2009

The Indian grooming industry has been growing at steady annual rate over the last few years. Despite the growth experienced in this sector, and the entry of many foreign companies to the Indian beauty and cosmetics market, experts feel that Indian consumers are not spending as much as they can in the area of beauty and cosmetics. Hence these experts predict a boom in this industry.

The present growth that is experienced in this area is believed to be the result of a much savvier public. Advertising and increased television viewing means that the Indian audience is presented with plenty of information on new products and also about how to use these. The Indian consumer is now better prepared to make a choice regarding the products or services which he or she wants to purchase and with an increased spending power, today the Indian consumer has the ability to spend on the product of his choice.

With this increased awareness and spending power comes the interest in grooming oneself. Today, many people enjoy being able to sport celebrity hair styles like Sedu hair styles and do not even mind spending a little more on acquiring this luxury. Consequently there are many different hair styles that the Indian consumer can now choose to sport and it is not uncommon for an Indian consumers’ taste to be influenced by the trends started by celebrities.

The change in hairstyle trends is perhaps most evident in the wide variety of mens hair styles. Although long hair styles were once the norm for Indian men, and part of Indian tradition, Indian people had started to look upon short haircuts as being the usual male hairstyle. In recent years however, medium hair styles and long hair styles for men have made a comeback and men also often sport hair coloring styles.

Even in the area of women’s hair styles, there are many changes and women have many more hair styles to choose from. They are no longer limited by their hair texture or thickness for instance as there are hair straightening, anti-fizz and curling techniques that can add bounce or minimize volume according to their preferences.

Irrespective of the length of their hair, women can choose between a variety for casual hairstyles or formal hairstyles depending on occasions. Of all the casual hairstyles favored by women with shoulder-length or long hair, none is as elegant, simple and easy to create as the ponytail. This hairstyle is also favored by Indian women because it is suitable for the hot Indian summers. Aside from its simplicity, another thing that makes ponytails popular is their ability to suit any face shape. Many men with long hair and especially teenage boys also favor this hairstyle.

Among current hair styles’ and trends in the genre of wedding hair styles, classics like buns and French twists never go out of fashion. These are also simple to create but lend an air of sophistication. Hence these hairstyles are perfect for formal get-togethers or for important business meetings.