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With a beauty, cosmetics and hair-care industry in India on the verge of booming, there are many new entries into the consumer markets for goods from these sectors. The Indian market is flooded with natural hair care products like henna and herbal hair treatments on one hand and a whole range of other items like hair salon equipment, professional hair care products and hair beauty products on the other. Most of these are Indian manufactured products but many foreign brands have also gained entry into the Indian cosmetic market while others are still trying to find their way here.

Naturally, there is a long list of hair products which are now available in India. For example, where about a couple of decades ago, natural skin hair care products like mousses and gels were a luxury only the affluent could get a hold of from overseas, today there are many brands and varieties of hair mousses, gels, sprays as well as gadgets like hairdryers and hair irons available locally.

Consequently, tables have turned and now even foreign-based companies use their own brand label on cosmetic products and treatments that are manufactured in India. This is proof enough of the radical improvement of quality and standards in the manufacture of these products. Because of the economical prices that Indian manufacturers charge for their products, there is also a great local and international demand for hair salon furniture in India.

Some basic beauty products that every woman must have included a hairbrush, shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, volume-boosting solutions, hair serums and tonics, hairdryer, hair iron, rollers etc.

These are just a few examples but to help you choose the right products for you, here are a few guidelines.

• Your hair quality and texture are directly related to the quality of the hairbrush you use. Hairbrushes with rubber bases with flexible bristles keep from damaging hair.

• Shampoos and conditioners must always belong to the same company and must compliment each other for best results. One wash should be enough to cleanse your hair. You should be wary of the fact that hair conditioners rarely live up to the manufacturer’s claim that they can repair hair damage. However these are useful to moisturize and un-tangle your hair.

• Serums which nourish your hair or help keep them smooth are crucial to keeping your hair looking good. If your hair is very fine, however, it may not be worth your money to invest in a good hair-taming or fixing spray. There are many manufacturers that make such products. Here are a few names of manufacturers who supply and even export Indian-manufactured hair-care products.

Accra Pac India Pvt Ltd.
suppliers of hair care products/aerosol containers/cosmetic products/toiletries
Tel : 079-2834409
Location : Ahmedabad/Gujarat

Tokyo Plast International Ltd
manufacturers/cosmetic products/toiletries/hair care products
Tel : 91-22-56952301
Location : Mumbai/Maharashtra

TPX Impex Pvt Ltd
suppliers/cosmetic accessories/cosmetic products/toiletries/hair products
Te l: 91-22-26493317
Location : Mumbai/Maharashtra

Sovereign chemicals and cosmetics
suppliers/cosmetic products/cosmetic accessories/hair care products
Tel : 91-22-55993780
Location : Mumbai/Maharashtra

Shalaks Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturers and suppliers/cosmetic accessories/cosmetic products/toiletries/hair products
Tel : 91-11-25920023
Location : New Delhi

Seascope Exports
suppliers/exporters/cosmetic products/cosmetic accessories/hair care products
Tel: 91-22-26338484
Location : Mumbai/Maharashtra

Paramount Cosmetics (I) Ltd
manufacturers/suppliers/cosmetic products/cosmetics/hair care products/toiletries
Tel: 91-22-621003
Llcation : Mumbai/Mahrashtra

Komal Manufacturing Chemists Pvt Ltd
manufacturers/suppliers/cosmetic products/hair care products/cosmetic and toiletries
Tel: 91-22-25034938
Location : Mumbai/Maharashtra

Kishan Lal Kuria Mal International Suppliers/cosmetic products/hair care products/toiletries/Dyes and pigments
Tel: 91-11-26839941
Location : New Delhi

SV Products
manufacturers/suppliers/hair care products/cosmetic products/shampoos and soaps
Tel: 91-80-5471309
Location : Bangalore/Karnataka


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