Organic Conditioners

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Hair conditioner has been defined as “a hair care product that alters the texture and appearance of human hair”. Men and women have been using natural oil to condition their hair from times immemorial. The same natural products are still used in improvised form by human beings in the form of hair conditioners.

Organic hair conditioners are first made from essential oils such as macassar oil, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, carrier oil, tea tree oil etc. Macassar oil conditioners were very popular with men of the late Victorian era.

Different type of organic hair conditioners in its modern avatar are moisturizers, detanglers, acidifiers, thermal protectors, glossers, surfactants, lubricants, sequestrates etc. However hair conditioners work differently from cream rinses. Cream rinses are primarily applied to detangle hair and is thinner in consistency compared to conditioner. Hair conditioner is normally a thick substance. It can work in many ways and actually rejuvenates the hair follicle. Hair conditioners also come with anti static agents and preservatives to give lasting health to hair.

The modern form of hair conditioner has its root in the turn of this century when an eminent perfumer Ed. Pinaud came out with a novel product called brilliant hair in the Exposition Universelle – Paris. The year was 1900. This product was primarily launched as an attempt to give softness to men’s hair – on the head, beard and moustaches. Since then cosmetology has progressed to create a hair conditioner industry.

Conditioners are manufactured with silicone, quaternary ammonium and fatty alcohols. However organic hair conditioners are focused on making hair conditioners from natural products which eliminate these chemicals. This is highly desirable not only to preserve the natural health, sheen and bounce of hair but also to give them longetivity. Organic hair conditioners also last for a longer time than their chemical counterparts. Organic conditioners are also one up on chemical conditioners In terms of moisturizing and smoothness giving qualities. Their application also makes hair more manageable than the other.

A wide variety of organic hair conditioners are now available to suit every hair need. Intensive hair conditioners, daily disentangle conditioners, dry scalp conditioners henna hair conditioners; hibiscus hair conditioners are also produced by using natural organic products and are immensely popular.

Organic hair conditioners work for a longer time than their chemical counterparts and moisturize the hair, giving smoothness, manageability and softness to it. These conditioners are rich in protein and vitamin B and are free from SLS and parabens. A huge variety of organic conditioners are now available to suit different needs. They are – Daily distangler conditioners, Intensive hair care conditioners, Dry scalp conditioners, Standard conditioners to suit all hair types, Citrus conditioners, Conditioners with different fragrances, Honey hair conditioners, Hibiscus hair conditioners, Henna based hair conditioners etc.

Organic hair conditioners are rich in vitamin B and protein and are designed to eliminate the use of SLS or paraben. Last but not the least organic conditioners not only condition your hair naturally but also make them last longer.


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